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When we decided to sell our home, we had interview several RE agents. Most of them said the same thing and everything sounded the same. The reason why I had selected Maya to sell my home was because she was proactive in her presentation for the job. She had past experience selling in my area which  was a BIG help for the buyers. It help pushed the transaction through quicker. She also explained and showed me the loan aspect of selling the home which I found useful when selecting a buyer. We were able to sell our home quickly and at the price we wanted. That was a major PLUS!!

Lien D. and David H. / Milpitas Sellers

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Buying a home in silicon valley is not short of any other challenges one could think off. We cannot say enough great things about Maya hsu.  Maya helped us complete our home project successfully after we tried out two different agents. I was a first time buyer and had lots new things to know and do  in this process. Key thing is she allowed us to make 'our' decision and supported us wherever & whenever needed. Maya is not only very energetic but also has a wealth of knowledge of the marketplace and brings resources not offered by other realtors that were instrumental in achieving the best outcome for us. Once the closing was done she also helped us with contractors to help us finish the remodeling of our home in record time ( 3 weeks) as it was so important to move asap given our tight schedule and budget. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Maya.

Anish and Smitha S. / San Jose Buyers

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Maya is a great agent and knowledgeable about the market, very detailed, highly responsive and easy to work with. It was a smooth process and everything went well under her care. I would highly recommend her to people I know.

Eddy Y. / Milpitas Seller


Maya is really a great agent. The conversation with her was extremely informative and she was really helpful to guide us through all the details of purchasing a house. Most importantly, we did get our favorite house but with little efforts made by us.

Yan and Qian Wang / Fremont Buyers

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We appreciate all the hard work you put into getting Celebration home sold. You made sure the process goes smoothly and updates were sent to us in a timely manner. Your  vast knowledge about  real estate , loan process  and governing guidelines ,reassured us that everything goes as expected and if  anything goes against plan, those are dealt with as well.

I personally like your home staging skills ( kudos to Desi's eye for interior design).
Thank you and we wish that more business opportunities will go your way.

Gloria and Radel Liban / Milpitas Sellers

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1000 El Camino Real Suite 150, Menlo Park, CA 94025

                                                                 Maya Hsu

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