https://isvr.acceleragent.com/usr/12562155378/CustomPages/Zillow-Logo.png https://isvr.acceleragent.com/usr/12562155378/CustomPages/Zillow-Five-Stars.png

Maya is honest, very knowledgeable, responsive and worked quickly to get our house listed and sold. She made great suggestions for getting our house ready and told us to not stress about the little things. Most importantly, she gave us detailed information from beginning to end and made sure all  our questions were answered. We received several offers and our home sold for over asking price. We highly recommend Maya to anyone who needs a professional realtor.

M. and E. Cirelli / Sellers

https://isvr.acceleragent.com/usr/12562155378/CustomPages/Zillow-Logo.png https://isvr.acceleragent.com/usr/12562155378/CustomPages/Zillow-Five-Stars.png

When we decided to sell the condo unit in Milpitas I interviewed 3 agents and spoke to their references. Based on the overall data, I decided to go with Maya & it was a fantastic journey throughout the sale process.

She exhibited thoroughness that is the hallmark of a top notch realtor. Every step  was outlined in a detailed manner and she during the entire course of the sale, she followed all the steps that were listed in her planning list. She was meticulous in the home staging process, very professional in her interactions with potential buyers and came fully prepared with all the analysis & recommendations for the sale closing meeting.

She had sold a lot of homes in the area of the condo and was very knowledgable of the details. Her familiarity with the sale & closing process took a lot of stress from our side during the entire period. Maya was quick to respond to any message or email that was sent, her clarity of thought was evident in every step. It was her superior negotiation skills that helped us get the highest rate for a 3BR condo in the complex (we got almost the same price as a 4BR house there)

Based on my experience with her this time, I have no hesitation in recommending Maya, also I would definitely be considering her, if I have to sell or buy in the future.

Sukesh and Sweta Belenje / Sellers

https://isvr.acceleragent.com/usr/12562155378/CustomPages/Yelp_Logo.png https://isvr.acceleragent.com/usr/12562155378/CustomPages/Yelp_Star.png

We feel extremely lucky that we have had Maya as our buyer agent in our house hunting. Maya did a fantastic job in helping us navigate the competitive housing market in Bay Area. She is very professional and warm-hearted; always places our interest in the first place. Organized and informative, she is really a great agent. We will definitely recommend her to all our friends  who are looking to buy or sell a house.

Jiao J. and Yuan L. / Cupertino Buyers


I have been in Bay area for over 30 years. It is common to buy and sell properties due to family growth and school district considerations. That being said I have gone through many real estate agents. In the beginning of this year I decided to call up few agents just to go through the interview  process with to find one that I liked. Luckily I found Maya. Of course, she presented her portfolio and market analysis in our first meeting. But the most important thing and what impresses me most is how she conduct her business. She communicates very well and is very detail oriented. She covers things even before I can bring that subject up. She insisted on conducting open house in two weekends whereas most agents will only do one. She is always there either by phone or email. Sometimes I am wondering if she ever goes to sleep. I can not say more praise about how smooth my transaction has been since the day I interviewed her. Maya, don’t change your profession cause I need you when I buy/sell my next property.

Ed Shyng / Milpitas Seller


Thanks to Maya, our journey to selling our home was seamless and stress free since we had so much things going on personally in our life especially we were expecting our second baby.

Maya was very well organized; she made sure that the process of getting the house ready to putting it in the  market didn’t interfere so much with our work and life.  She worked around our schedule to meet with her and she gave us detailed instructions that we need to do to get the house ready for the market.  She was responsive throughout the process and she was honest about how the market was.  She gave us her expectations on how much our house will sell and didn’t promise anything that she couldn’t deliver.  Maya kept us updated with the market by always updating our CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).
When we were getting the house ready, Maya did an excellent job staging our house to make it appealing to buyers.  She does her own staging and she takes her time to make sure that she’s satisfied with her own work.  When she wasn’t satisfied, she changed her décor around to get the satisfaction she wanted.  We were impressed on all the marketing materials she created such as the flyers, websites, and pictures.  She hired a professional photographer/videographer to take videos and pictures for the flyers and websites.  She created us our own website based on our street address.  

During the open house, she gave us detailed information on the outcome of the open house such as how many groups came to see the house and interested buyers with names and what they really like about the house.  She took the time to converse with the interest buyers.   After the first weekend of open house, she informed us that they were several buyers who wanted to make an offer and she did her part on making sure the offers were worth looking into.  She made sure that buyers’ offer will not have any issue during the loan process.  She was very detail oriented during this process as she questioned how strong the offer were by looking at down payment, contingency, reserves and buyers’ interest.  

When we were getting ready to accept the offer, she suggested that we should meet the buyer so we can get to know them and we were glad that we did because now we’re comfortable on asking a few favors from the buyer since we have to do 2 months’ rent back.  Even though we’ve closed the escrow, Maya still kept in touch on how we doing on packing our stuff and she even let us borrowed a few of her staging furniture so we can still use during the 2 months we were staying at our house that we sold.

We’re beyond happy on everything Maya did during this process. Our house sold almost $50k than the asking price plus we got one month free rent back.

Heidi Andres and Jay Cadelina / Sellers

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