“I am and was extremely impressed with Maya from start to end. I find Maya to be an experienced and knowledgeable realtor, with a wealth of practical and commonsense views. I wholeheartedly recommend Maya for your Real Estate transaction(s), she is a professional you definitely want on your team.”

“Maya helped me sell my home during uncertain times when the real estate market was switching from a hot seller's market to a buyer's market. Hiring her to represent us was the best decision in the entire transaction! She took care of EVERYTHING and I did not have to visit the property once after moving out. Renovations, cleaning, inspections, photos, staging, etc. - she had her own network of reliable contacts who showed up at short notice and got the job done. Maya's knowledge of the local market helped us price the home appropriately and she guided us through every step. She was very organized, gave us the right recommendations and we felt comfortable reaching out to her any time of the day or night. In the end, she helped us close the deal on time even though the buyer's agent was inexperienced and not easy to work with. I highly recommend working with Maya for your real estate transactions - you will be delighted.”

“If we could give 10 stars in all areas of the review, we would. Maya is an agent like no other. Not only is she professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical, she is the most dedicated Realtor we've ever known. We thought we knew a lot about the real estate market after moving/buying/selling 8 times in the last 25 years, but we have never had an agent who was as organized, detail oriented, and most prepared for any unexpected situations as Maya. Her sales strategy was right on target. Not only did we sell within the expected time frame, we had more offers than anticipated. Before listing, Maya informed us of her observation of the market conditions and forecast. She recommended how to prepare for the listing, the market, the offers, the inquiries, and the buyers. Closer to listing time, Maya presented her pricing recommendations and analysis based on data and observations. We like the best about her was her honest opinions which helped us in our decision making. We relocated before the listing began. We could not stay behind to take care of things left to do at the house. Maya went the extra mile to help get the house ready for sale. She took care of all the preparations that were needed for the house to be presentable which included fixing, repairing, cleaning, staging & more. Our house was listed for sale and it looked beautiful with many professional photos and drone video too. The process during offer negotiations was very easy with no headaches nor hesitations. Maya made our decision making process very easy. The house sold within days and it was a smooth escrow period too. Maya's wealth of knowledge and guidance enabled us to sell our home in the time frame we wanted, the price range we expected, and in time to purchase our next home. That's not it! She also referred us to an excellent lender with wonderful work ethics like her for our next home! We can't thank Maya enough for the high quality work she has done for us. It was first class all the way. If you are searching for a realtor to help you to sell or buy a home, you will be happy if you call Maya”

“We contacted Maya when we first came to know that she sold one house in our community at a great price. When I first spoke to Maya, I told her that we haven't decided whether to sell our house or to rent. Maya listened patiently and answered a few questions that I had. Later, we made a long appointment with her to sit and talk about putting a house on market. For two months we haven't decided anything but kept talking to her in between. Maya never forced us or pressured us to make us sell the house. She always said do what our heart says and wait if we are not ready. Once we moved, we finally decided to put the house on sale. Maya had only 10 days to bring the house on market and she made sure cleaning, painting, staging, photo shoot was done in no time. Maya is also very honest and professional. She never get panic or impatient. She is always available when we call or message her. Our escrow is a bumpy ride due to the market slowing down but Maya was there all the time and monitored each and every step to make sure our escrow closes smoothly. We got a great sale even when the market shifted. She is a great agent for any one looking for a house whether it's a sale or buy. Great job Maya and I am glad that we got you.”

“Maya represented us for both buying and selling transactions. We first met her a year ago in one of her open houses. She followed up with us about our needs and recommended strategies to help us realize our dream house. We also worked with a lender within her network and was really pleased with the service since we were able to prepare ahead financially and reduced tremendous stress when purchasing our single family home. Maya is very professional and ethical, that’s why we felt comfortable working with her. She’s not like agents in general who pushes their clients to get into transactions as soon as possible. In fact, we took almost a year to do financial preparations and finalize our criteria for our next house, and Maya just patiently keep in touch with us. When we showed interests in any properties, Maya performed her due diligence, compared recent sales nearby, gathered information about the properties and presented us with various pros and cons so we could make an informed decision. She did the same thing when helping us to sell our departing property as well. Maya worked really hard and followed up thoroughly with the counterpart agents and potential buyers, ensuring us to close transactions smoothly. Last but not least, she is also very calm, handling her works with a positive mind even in the midst of encountering stumbling blocks. Buying and selling properties are stressful, so it’s very helpful to have realtor with such good attitudes that can handle transactions calmly regardless of the pressure. We will recommend Maya without hesitation.”

“Maya is honest, very knowledgeable, responsive and worked quickly to get our house listed and sold. She made great suggestions for getting our house ready and told us to not stress about the little things. Most importantly, Maya gave us detailed information from beginning to end and made sure all our questions were answered. We received several offers and our home sold for over asking price. We highly recommend Maya to anyone who needs a professional Real Estate Agent.”

“When we decided to sell the condo unit in Milpitas I interviewed 3 agents and spoke to their references. Based on the overall data, I decided to go with Maya & it was a fantastic journey throughout the sale process. She exhibited thoroughness that is the hallmark of a top notch realtor. Every step was outlined in a detailed manner and she during the entire course of the sale, she followed all the steps that were listed in her planning list. She was meticulous in the home staging process, very professional in her interactions with potential buyers and came fully prepared with all the analysis & recommendations for the sale closing meeting. She had sold a lot of homes in the area of the condo and was very knowledgeable of the details. Her familiarity with the sale & closing process took a lot of stress from our side during the entire period. Maya was quick to respond to any message or email that was sent, her clarity of thought was evident in every step. It was her superior negotiation skills that helped us get the highest rate for a 3BR condo in the complex (we got almost the same price as a 4BR house there) Based on my experience with her this time, I have no hesitation in recommending Maya, also I would definitely be considering her, if I have to sell or buy in the future.”

“Maya helped me and my wife buy our very first single family home and we could not have been happier about going with such a knowledgeable realtor such as Maya. A friend of ours referred us to Maya and she worked with us throughout our journey together. When we first met Maya, she took the time to explain the entire process end to end with all the details. She is very patient and kind and listened to what we needed. Maya has been a realtor for almost a couple of decades in this area, and knows a lot of buying and selling houses in the bay area. She does her research thoroughly, prior to every meeting / open house, she always used to prep and provide us with all the information that we needed and had all the data and analysis available. Throughout the time we worked with her she sent us listings and recommendations of places to visit which fit perfectly in our criteria. The most important thing that I would like to highlight is that Maya always made time for us to discuss every house that we liked or saw in great detail. She always responded promptly to all our silly questions throughout the process. We loved how she didn't rush us into a purchase, throughout the bids. We can't thank Maya enough on helping us buy our very first home and would definitely recommend Maya.With Maya’s expertise, I was able to accept an offer for $35k over asking before the home was ready for an open house! I highly recommend Maya for your realty needs.”

“My husband and I started looking for homes in the Bay Area in 2015, but with no success. Then in March 2017, we met Maya at one of her open houses in Milpitas. A month later we were closing on our first home in Milpitas! That's how good Maya is as a realtor! She takes the time to share valuable information and experiences with her clients and makes sure they're prepared when making one of their biggest purchase decisions. She walked us through everything from realistic buyers market expectations, the loan approval process, the appraisal and finally closing on our dream home. She's dedicated, hard working and a pleasure to do business with! We're very grateful to have met Maya and glad to have her as our realtor!”

“It was a very pleasant experience working with Maya in buying our new house. She is always well-prepared and very knowledgeable in the local house market. Maya is always available no matter its weekend or late hours. She is responsive and she always follow through details. Every time when we make an offer she'll provide plenty of analytical data, and have a strategic meeting with us to write our offer. Overall very impressive service. Highly recommended and the agent to go to in this super-competitive market.”

“Maya was my agent to sell the townhouse in Milpitas. The whole process went well and smooth. Maya has been very professional and responsible to take care of all the detail including preparation, open house, signing contract and follow up to close the deal. Maya did a good job of market research, promoting and providing the needed information in a timely manner. Maya demonstrated her ability and integrity along the whole process. I would recommend to any one as a seller and/or buyer agent.”

“Thank you for the fabulous job you did on selling our house. We had a wonderful experience working with you and your team. We really appreciate the effort you put in preparing us for putting the house on the market and later on with the open houses that you organized. Your strategic selection of the right buyer was very helpful when we had multiple offers. Being a short sale, your constant follow up with the lender helped quicken the approval process and constant follow up with the buyer ensured that the buyer did not walk away. You were very thorough with all the details involved and made sure nothing was overlooked while signing the contracts. Thanks for being extremely responsive and answering any questions we had in a timely manner. Your knowledge and experience in Real Estate and your professionalism helped the whole transaction go very smoothly. We would highly recommend you to anyone who would want to sell their house.”

“I am very pleased to share a glowing recommendation for Maya Hsu. Maya is a person of high integrity. She has proven to be a dependable, conscientious, and courteous agent. She works very hard and is dedicated to helping her clients from beginning to end.”

“We met many agents before we met Maya but we picked Maya is because she was very knowledgeable about the area, the process and also very strategic. We saw the house we liked very much. The SqFt on title did not match the size the listing agent claimed on MLS. The listing agent wasn’t able to provide any more information about the addition. Maya went the extra mile, ran to the city and pulled all the permit info from the city shortly before the offers deadline. So, when we made the offer, we were very comfortable about the price and the condition of the house. Our offer was accepted competing with many other offers. This was our first offer! During the transaction, Maya and Maya’s team completed everything really quick and we closed few days earlier. Maya is very responsible and professional. Moreover, she has always impressed me with her integrity. She is trustworthy and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in the Bay area.”

“Maya did a great job with my listing. She worked tirelessly to get the house ready for sale and made excellent recommendations on improvements that should be made prior to sale. She also provided great contractor recommendations and helped negotiate fees. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend Maya to anyone.”

“Maya sold our house. She makes a great agent because you can rest assured after you hand your case over to her. From Initiation, to planning, to execution, to finish and close, she will always stay on top of the game and work on getting the best price through the best process. In many of life's transactions we expect the transaction to end well not knowing if it will happen of not. But since provides information in the right dosage (meaning quantity and periodicity) you will always feel in control. I rate her very high as an agent after being completely satisfied with her service mindedness and professionalism.”

“We appreciate all the hard work you put into getting Celebration home sold. You made sure the process goes smoothly and updates were sent to us in a timely manner. Your vast knowledge about real estate , loan process and governing guidelines ,reassured us that everything goes as expected and if anything goes against plan, those are dealt with as well . I personally like your home staging skills ( kudos to Desi's eye for interior design). Thank you and we wish that more business opportunities will go your way. Cheers to the success of this endeavor!”

“Big thanks to Maya, we just had the smoothest transaction ever selling our house! Maya was there right from the start to provide us insights about the overall housing market and our community. This is not just only showing us the selling data (which we can obtain easily ourselves online) like other agents do. She guided us through the selling process step by step. We felt very comfortable reaching out to Maya whenever we had a question. And we always got the greatest advice from her. Maya is not only knowledgeable but she is also extremely responsive and professional. Her opinion is always very fair and objective. We would definitely recommend Maya to our friends and family. She is wonderful!”

“I have been in Bay area for over 30 years. It is common to buy and sell properties due to family growth and school district considerations. That being said I have gone through many real estate agents. In the beginning of this year I decided to call up few agents just to go through the interview process with to find one that I liked. Luckily I found Maya. Of course, she presented her portfolio and market analysis in our first meeting. But the most important thing and what impresses me most is how she conduct her business. She communicates very well and is very detail oriented. She covers things even before I can bring that subject up. She insisted on conducting open house in two weekends whereas most agents will only do one. She is always there either by phone or email. Sometimes I am wondering if she ever goes to sleep. I cannot say more praise about how smooth my transaction has been since the day I interviewed her. Maya, don’t change your profession cause I need you when I buy/sell my next property.”

“Maya is really a great agent. The conversation with her was extremely informative and she was really helpful to guide us through all the details of purchasing a house. Most importantly, we did get our favorite house but with little efforts made by us.”

“Maya Hsu is an absolutely fantastic realtor, extremely knowledgeable, and really have done a great job to help me sell my house. She is dedicated to the best interests of her client's and gave me frank helpful advice that made my real estate transactions profitable and easy. I would recommend her to anyone!”

“I highly recommend Maya Hsu to sell your home! Maya is very hard working, knowledgeable and trustworthy. At the beginning she spent hours with us detailing her experience and services. I was impressed with her knowledge of our neighborhood. I also appreciate that she did not ask us spend more money than we needed to in preparing our property for sale. After just one weekend, we immediately received multiple offers. Maya was then good at explaining what makes a good offer and how the best offer isn't always the highest price. She was always very responsive via text, email and voice throughout the process. Beware of other realtors charging lower rates - you definitely get what you pay for in this industry!”

“Maya is a great agent and knowledgeable about the market, very detailed, highly responsive and easy to work with. On the two weekend open houses, she was able to get lots of traffic and multiple offers. It was a smooth process and everything went well under her care and closed on schedule. I was even able to go on vacation while my house was on sale. I would highly recommend her to be your agent.”

“Maya did an excellent job selling our house. We had very limited time to prepare our house. She put everything together quickly and efficiently including cleaning, staging, inspection and photo shoot within less than a week. After the first weekend open house, we decided to take a preemptive offer.We were very happy with the offer. Maya advised us to wait few more days to get multiple offers and the chance to get more than $800k looked pretty good. But we couldn't wait any longer since we had to be in S. California beginning of September for the job relocation. The transaction was very smooth. Maya made everything very easy to understand.She is not just very knowledgeable but also very honest and ethical. We learned so much for the whole process and from her. We will highly recommend Maya to our friends or anyone who is thinking of buying or selling properties in the Bay Area.”

“When we decided to sell our home, we had interview several RE agents. Most of them said the same thing and everything sounded the same. The reason why I had selected Maya to sell my home was because she was proactive in her presentation for the job. She had past experience selling in my area which was a BIG help for the buyers. It help pushed the transaction through quicker. She also explained and showed me the loan aspect of selling the home which I found useful when selecting a buyer. We were able to sell our home quickly and at the price we wanted. That was a major PLUS!!”

“Buying a home in silicon valley is not short of any other challenges one could think off. We cannot say enough great things about Maya hsu. Maya helped us complete our home project successfully after we tried out two different agents. I was a first time buyer and had lots new things to know and do in this process. Key thing is she allowed us to make 'our' decision and supported us wherever & whenever needed. Maya is not only very energetic but also has a wealth of knowledge of the market place and brings resources not offered by other realtors that were instrumental in achieving the best outcome for us. Once the closing was done she also helped us with contractors to help us finish the remodeling of our home in record time ( 3 weeks) as it was so important to move asap given our tight schedule and budget. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Maya.”

“When we decided to sell our son's home,we selected one and only RE agent Maya.From day one till the closing of escrow,Maya guided us through stress-free journey.Maya is honest, very knowledgeable, responsive and very well organized.We highly recommend Maya for her excellent presentation and professionalism.”

“Professional, responsive, and meticulous. Maya was my seller agent, she guided us through the whole selling process with up-to-date real examples. She spent time explaining the pros and cons of each option for us to make various choices. She created a timetable/roadmap for all the todo tasks (both ours and hers). Her crew also did an amazing job on fixing, cleaning and staging. Maya knew the market very well and helped set the asking price. We got multiple offers all above the asking price. Maya sat down and helped us sort through the offers, analyzing the potential risks. We closed the escrow smoothly on schedule. The whole process is very clear/transparent. Maya's true strength is in her up-to-date housing knowledge and her connections with other reputable colleagues. We avoided a few pitfalls. (I got into some pitfalls 3 yrs ago with another whatever agent, so I know). She speaks english and mandarin. I highly recommend Maya.”

“Maya is amazing and great to work with. Of course the bottom line is our home sold for a higher price than we expected and higher than the comparable homes in the area. Selling your home is a very stressful time in one's life and Maya makes the process as pain free as possible. She's super organized and communicates proactively and always responds quickly to emails, text messages or phone calls with a complete answer. My wife and I both loved working with Maya and consider her a friend. She staged the home beautifully and marketed it so well which resulted in the great price. She told us what to do and what to expect and everything turned out as she explained. We definitely recommend anyone selling a home in the area to work with Maya. We consider Maya a friend and expect to keep in touch with her ongoing.”

“Maya helped us sell our home. We were impressed that during our very first meeting she already came prepared with all the information that we were looking for and gave us a good picture on overall selling process and her way of working. She has thorough information about the market and understands the needs of buyers/sellers. She provided us guidance throughout the selling process. She did a great job in pricing the house exactly where it needed. She made our home sale as seamless as possible. We are very happy with her service and will highly recommend her to others.”

“Maya was our agent to help us first buy a single-family home and then immediately sell our town home. This is an extremely difficult task to pull off in a difficult market and couldn’t have been achieved without the careful planning and ease with which Maya was able to achieve it. From day 1 she came across as a highly professional, competent, dedicated and focused real estate agent with integrity. She always had a lot of information to share about the market conditions, locations etc., and that allowed us to make very informed decisions. She was very much in tune with what we wanted and never shied away from giving her honest opinion about the homes we were looking to buy and at the same time never pushing her opinion or forcing us to get into any transaction. She told us very early on how the market was changing, and these critical observations made by her allowed us to set our purchase budget appropriately by accurately estimating the price that we would receive from the sale of our town home. Had we estimated the sale price of our town home higher and incorrectly increased our budget for the single-family home that we were looking to purchase, we would have been in a very terrible situation. These problems were all avoided only because of Maya’s thorough work and single-minded focus on our situation. She always had the complete game plan that she would let us know in advance and this allowed us to buy a single-family home, stage our town home while remodeling the home we purchased, and sell the town home in a streamlined manner. Also, she had excellent referrals for the lender, who was able to close the loan on time, and for the contractor, who remodeled our home and completed it on time to allow us to move into the new home from the town home which we were renting back from our buyer. We can’t thank Maya enough for what she has done for us and we can unequivocally recommend her to anyone any day. Even the seller agent for the single-family home we bought was very appreciative of how thorough Maya was with her work and said how he would want to work with her again and again. ~”

“STRONGLY RECOMMEND ( 5 out of 5) SUMMARY: Quality Information, Strategy, Patience, Professional, Best Seller Representative in the neighborhood - in our view. We stayed in the area for about 3 years, hence had sufficient time to meet several seller agents during open-house. Before Selecting her as Seller representative: We spoke to Maya a few times during open-houses. Despite of not being Maya's clients then, she was courteous, patient, professional and gave clear responses. In my view, she sold most properties in area we lived in, a lot of them were above asking price. After selecting her as seller representative: When I contacted her, she remembered me. She collected our requirements, and met again after about a week. She provided all possible perspectives - prevailing economy, competition etc. Besides being patient, we really liked the fact that Maya did not over-promised, give responses clearly, proposed Plan A...or Plan B; and allowed us to make a decision. She also assisted in renovations coordination, repair etc., and took care of other selling-processes. Pictures, websites, staging, and print-outs were of excellent quality. She was able to assist selling the home in about 2 weeks, which is way faster than other homes in neighborhood currently. We will consider Maya again as our representative Selling/Buying .. if there is future opportunity.”

“I've known Maya 3 years ago when I started thinking of selling my former property, since then we keep a contact concerned. Her professional knowledge and experience in the field of housing market impresses me, so I made a decision to have chosen her as my agent. The whole sales process of my property proves that my decision and choose are correct, because it had been scheduled well. As a good result, the sales process had been completed one month earlier than thought. I am satisfied with it. Taking this moment, I greatly appreciate Maya's great job, and meanwhile it is also my pleasure to recommend her to YOU who want/think to sell/purchase properties, because she is really such a reliable as well as a qualified specialist who can help you to realize your dream.”

“Thanks to Maya, our journey to selling our home was seamless and stress free since we had so much things going on personally in our life especially we were expecting our second baby. Maya was very well organized; she made sure that the process of getting the house ready to putting it in the market didn’t interfere so much with our work and life. She worked around our schedule to meet with her and she gave us detailed instructions that we need to do to get the house ready for the market. She was responsive throughout the process and she was honest about how the market was. She gave us her expectations on how much our house will sell and didn’t promise anything that she couldn’t deliver. Maya kept us updated with the market by always updating our CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). When we were getting the house ready, Maya did an excellent job staging our house to make it appealing to buyers. She does her own staging and she takes her time to make sure that she’s satisfied with her own work. When she wasn’t satisfied, she changed her décor around to get the satisfaction she wanted. We were impressed on all the marketing materials she created such as the flyers, websites, and pictures. She hired a professional photographer/videographer to take videos and pictures for the flyers and websites. She created us our own website based on our street address. During the open house, she gave us detailed information on the outcome of the open house such as how many groups came to see the house and interested buyers with names and what they really like about the house. She took the time to converse with the interest buyers. After the first weekend of open house, she informed us that they were several buyers who wanted to make an offer and she did her part on making sure the offers were worth looking into. She made sure that buyers’ offer will not have any issue during the loan process. She was very detail oriented during this process as she questioned how strong the offer were by looking at down payment, contingency, reserves and buyers’ interest. When we were getting ready to accept the offer, she suggested that we should meet the buyer so we can get to know them and we were glad that we did because now we’re comfortable on asking a few favors from the buyer since we have to do 2 months’ rent back. Even though we’ve closed the escrow, Maya still kept in touch on how we doing on packing our stuff and she even let us borrowed a few of her staging furniture so we can still use during the 2 months we were staying at our house that we sold. We’re beyond happy on everything Maya did during this process. Our house sold almost $50k than the asking price plus we got one month free rent back.”

“Maya Hsu is an excellent Realtor with years of experience. She has not only helped us buy our Single family home in Milpitas, but has also helped us sell our Townhouse separately. She is highly knowledgeable and provides excellent guidance through the process. She was patient with us and took us to uncountable open houses when we were buying. She provided great feedback on each property with the pros and cons to help us come to a decision. She was quick to get disclosures for the properties we were interested in and was quick and responsive on all our questions. She has a lot of market information that helps in the process. When selling our property she gave good guidance on timing, any improvements required (and helped connect us with handymen or contractors where required) and a price range to expect based on the market trends at the time. She gave us time to make our decision and literally held our hand through the process. I would go with no other Realtor to buy or sell my next home. Maya recently joined Compass, which offers a Concierge program to help Sellers with the upfront costs of certain expenses such as moving, cleaning and updates. Yes, even UPDATES! My home received new carpet and flooring as well as designer interior paint throughout. The kitchen was upgraded with all new stainless steel appliances. In addition, Maya staged my home. With Maya’s expertise, I was able to accept an offer for $35k over asking before the home was ready for an open house! I highly recommend Maya for your realty needs.”

“Maya is THE EXPERT in my area. I knew this before even calling her, having only seen her signage around the neighborhood for the past 14 years that I have been in my home. I knew she would get me top dollar for the sale. What I did not expect was how much I would enjoy working her Maya and her team! Maya truly cares for her clients and I felt that she had my best interests the entire time. She does not mess around either and is a true professional. Maya recently joined Compass, which offers a Concierge program to help Sellers with the upfront costs of certain expenses such as moving, cleaning and updates. Yes, even UPDATES! My home received new carpet and flooring as well as designer interior paint throughout. The kitchen was upgraded with all new stainless steel appliances. In addition, Maya staged my home. With Maya’s expertise, I was able to accept an offer for $35k over asking before the home was ready for an open house! I highly recommend Maya for your realty needs.”

“Maya pulled off a magical deal for us. First she got my offer accepted for buying a house contingent on my own house sale in this crazy market, then she put up my house on market in 1 week and it was sold and closed with all cash offer in 1 another week, then my new house was closed in another 2 more weeks. Where many people can't get one house closed in less than 30 days, there she closed two transactions within less than 30 days, hats off to her for that. Apart from all this, she guides/supports/helps you through out the whole process. she is not like other agent where she wants to get your transaction closed, she guides you with what is right or wrong for you. she works like a family member with you. she cares for you and your money. her whole army of cleaners/movers/photographers are really nice crew. she and her daughter are expert stagers. i know her for last 3 years and she always guides you whether doing business with her or not. For me she is like family forever even if we don't interact professionally in near future. She rocks !!!”

“MAYA HSU is very knowledgeable of the market. Within two weeks, her team was able to prepare and stage the property for viewing and market it strategically. I got multiple offers with higher than the asking price. They were available all the time. Their services are greatly appreciated. I recommend Maya highly for anyone who wants great results on the sale of a property.”

“HAPPY BUYERSI am a first time buyer and Maya is very professional and ready to help everytime. She is energetic and loves sharing her knowledge. We bought our house within one month under her help. Maya will be your perfect realtor!”

“We feel extremely lucky that we have had Maya as our buyer agent in our house hunting. Maya did a fantastic job in helping us navigate the competitive housing market in Bay Area. She is very professional and warm-hearted; always places our interest in the first place. Organized and informative, she is really a great agent. We will definitely recommend her to all our friends who are looking to buy or sell a house.”

“Maya guided us through all the stages in buying a house, from preparing to after closing. She helped us get a house we really like and need while there were strong multiple offers. Maya is an extremely reliable and patient agent, she gave us so many useful suggestions and did a huge amount of work for us. Her knowledge and personality are very respectable”

“My wife and I feel very lucky to have met Maya Hsu. She could not have done a better job in both helping us find and close on a new home as well as selling our current one. Maya knows the market, is very detail oriented and is a true professional in her field.”

“I have known Maya for 5 years and use her for all of my Real Estate needs. She is an expert in the region and is always available if I have any questions or concerns. I will definitely rely on her again in the future. The first transaction she helped with was my townhouse purchase in 2009. She did a thorough review of all new builds in the area and helped me pick the best one to match my preference. The second transaction she helped with was for a sale. Although there were some obstacles, Maya made everything run smoothly and on schedule. All of my expectations were met. The third transaction is with another sale. This is currently pending and I expect it to go quickly. One thing I really like about Maya is that she always has a clear plan that she discuss with you ahead of time. You can go over it point-by-point and it is easy to understand.”

“In the highly competitive housing market of South Bay, we're blessed to have Maya as our buying agent. She is professional, thorough, patient and responsive, always available when we have any questions or concerns. As a first time home buyer we got lots of education and guidance from her on things that should be known for home purchase like how to set our goals, what to look in an open house and how to get a reliable loan agent. When we found the right house she has the right skill to present the offer and win the deal among multiple offers. Throughout the process she never gave us any pressure to make a decision in rush or stretch ourselves too much. We will definitely recommend her to our friends looking to buy a house.”

“I selected Maya to sell my home from a friend and i couldn't be happier with the result. Maya was very on top of things in trying to sell my home as quickly as possible and at the best price for me. Her experience and knowledge of the area are great assets to have as an agent. I would not hesitate to recommend Maya to anyone who's looking to sell/buy a home.”

“Maya is the most knowledgeable, efficient, and organized real estate agents you can ever find. It was really a pleasurable experience working with Maya. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy or sell your properties.”

“Maya helped us find our Agent as Maya was the listing agent for the property we liked. We have been to Maya's open house and would say, she is certainly very hard working, honest and proactive. She answered all our questions in a timeline and detailed manner and appreciate her help in referring us to right people for our property search. One thing that I would explicitly call out is while we made an offer to her to become Buyer's agent as well as Seller's agent, she not only declined the offer to prevent conflict of interest, she also made decisions those were clearly favorable to Seller. I would surely recommend Maya for the property search/sell.”

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