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Maya sold our house. She makes a great agent because  you can rest assured after you hand your case over to her. From Initiation, to planning, to execution, to finish and close, she will always stay on top of the game and work on getting the best price through the best process. In many of life's  transactions we expect the transaction to end well not knowing if it will happen of not. But since provides information in the right dosage (meaning quantity and periodicity) you will always feel in control. I rate her very high as an agent after being completely satisfied with her service mindedness and professionalism.

Vinayak A. and Pushpalatha S. / Milpitas Sellers

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Maya guided us through all the stages in buying a house, from preparing to after closing. She helped us get a house we really like and need while there were strong multiple offers. Maya is an extremely reliable and patient agent, she gave us so many useful suggestions and did a huge amount of work  for us. Her knowledge and personality are very respectable.

Long L. and Xin L. / Sunnyvale Buyers

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Maya did a great job with my listing. She worked tirelessly to get the house ready for sale and made excellent recommendations on improvements that should be made prior to sale. She also provided great contractor recommendations and helped negotiate fees. I'm very happy with the results and would  recommend Maya to anyone.

Thomas Chang / Milpitas Seller

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Maya Hsu is an absolutely fantastic realtor, extremely knowledgeable, and really have done a great job to help me sell my house. She is dedicated to the best interests of her client's and gave me frank helpful advice that made my real estate transactions profitable and easy. I would recommend her  to anyone!

Sharlene H. / Fremont Seller

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We met many agents before we met Maya but we picked Maya is because she was very knowledgeable about the area, the process and also very strategic.

We saw the house we liked very much. The SqFt on title did not match the size the listing agent claimed on MLS. The listing agent wasn’t able  to provide any more information about the addition. Maya went the extra mile, ran to the city and pulled all the permit info from the city shortly before the offers deadline. So, when we made the offer, we were very comfortable about the price and the condition of the house.

Our offer was accepted competing with many other offers. This was our first offer!

During the transaction, Maya and Maya’s team completed everything really quick and we closed few days earlier.

Maya is very responsible and professional. Moreover, she has always impressed me with her integrity. She is trustworthy and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in the Bay area.

Mingkai H. and Lienmei L./ Fremont Buyers

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